Our project

Every year since 2013, the Youth Association for a Greater Europe (YAGE) organizes a one-week Forum gathering young people from all over the European Continent, including Russia, to exchange on challenges facing Europe and set up together cross-cultural projects.10495002_725649680829424_1248190867042182291_o1.jpg

The Greater Europe Peace Orchestra (GEPO) is one of the major projects that emerged from the 2014 summer meetings in Paris, held under the patronage of the UNESCO.


After the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, the GEPO idea was to create an orchestra welcoming high-level young musicians from Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany and other European countries, eager to promote peace through music and cultural cooperation. We wanted to overcome fear and hostility and prove that cooperation among nations of the Greater Europe continent is possible and necessary to secure peace and a thriving future for the generations to come. Peace is not the absence of war, but a continuous process of mutual understanding, fed by positive actions from all sides.

Music is the most powerful medium that human cultures ever created to drive hearts and souls of men and women to search for cooperation with others.

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